Welcome to Maxed up media

Maxed Up Media is a leading edge marketing technology based business located within the UK.

Welcome to Maxed Up Media

We have been evolving since 2016, in developing proprietary systems, unique products and brands to both businesses and consumers.  Our technical expertise and continual outlook on new technological innovations brings us to the forefront of our industry.  We work with industry leading experts by providing solutions that have a positive benefit to consumers and businesses alike.

We are a technology focused business for the management of lead generation

Technology developed for the Affiliate marketing world to engage with Merchants via multi channels. We have designed our software to make it easy for an influencer to find links to products they can promote, to more complex strategies that allow affiliates to process traffic directly via XML feeds with merchants.

We have proprietary technology that works with you for Marketing automation and revenue generating opportunities. Maxed Up Media is the one stop shop for all Publishers and Merchants:

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Our affiliate network, Maxx, boasts exclusive high converting offers which span several verticals within both the US and the UK and other territories. Exclusivity gives us the ability to offer higher and quicker pay-outs and have full control over fraudulent leads. We have our own unique, proprietary software that tracks and analyzes traffic and leads in real time, while our dedicated account managers are there to assist you with analyzing and optimizing campaigns.

Our exclusive, high converting offers span over several different verticals and, as we own them, it gives us the opportunity to offer higher and quicker pay-outs and have full control over fraud. These offers are only available through Maxx.


To give our Partners the full choice of how they want to work, we have brought our technology for digital marketing tracking and merchant distribution to you. Improve your marketing performance and optimisation opportunities, with our cost effective solution.

The system works of on multiple verticals and countries, not to restrict your ability to expand your business. Our aim is to help you grow and don’t want to put limitations in the way.

Visit our Peppysolutons.com website for further details of how we can help you, or alternatively contact one of the team.

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