What is Notty

A complete view of your online-self

In today’s society, our lives are lived online, with previously privately held information now available for anyone to find.  This does not just mean your bank account details but conversations with friends are not publicly available on social media; details of your private life now open to work colleagues and your boss.

Social Media is often the first tool a current employer or future employer would use to find out more about an individual, and depending on what you post, they can learn a lot about you.  When you go out, who your friends are, what your political views are, if you are pulling a sick day, where you spend your wages.

However this is not the only information out there about you. With most of our lives now being online, we give more and more companies access to our personal data, making it more at risk of being involved in a data breach or being a victim of a scam.. 

Notty provides the solution to monitor and provide you with information about your online self, keeping you informed, to keep you safe.


We create a Social Media profile by linking all Social Media accounts together to give a detailed overview.. Our users can see how many likes they get, who shares their posts, their most liked photo plus much much more.


A Social Media Score can be as important as a credit score rating with decisions being made based on what is posted onto Social Media. We provide an overview profile from our users social media profiles and give them a score based on the data.


The offers in our Notty Marketplace are catered to each individual user and they are based on all of the information that we have gathered from their social media to create their Notty profile. We are constantly updating and adding new offers.


Based on psycholinguistic evidence on how users interact on their social media accounts, we look at the top 5 personality traits and score them on each one based on their data. The scores are updated monthly so users can track the changes.


All Notty account holders receive a 50% discount on CyberCare and a package including award-winning McAfee software, cyber security score, data breach monitoring, threat alerts, password manager and £500 warranty, plus more.


We search the Dark Web for your details being sold amongst cybercriminals, such as your name and address, but also dive deeper searching for passport number, card numbers, login details, etc. We monitor the dark web for new information posted, sending alerts if anything is found.

FraudWeb Full

Protecting your information is our priority and we ensure that when we search the Dark Web, when you use our FraudWeb, your information is kept safe. Our expertise in this area gives us a greater opportunity of finding out if you are at risk of fraud. We monitor thousands of chat rooms where data is bought and sold, looking for indications your information is available. Not being aware if your data is available puts your at high risk of identity theft, financial loss and theft, being a victim of a scam and having your whole life stolen.

Only by monitoring and being informed, can you be aware.


Social Media Scores

Klout was the first company to ever give consumers insight into their social media scores, it was ahead of its time with social media only starting to be used as a man staple of how we now communicate.

The Notty Account will give you different types of Social Media Scores, with only two of these being ones that companies use to make assumptions about you.

Your main Notty Social Media Score shows how much you communicate and how much others communicate, follow and read your posts. Whereas your Fraud and Loan scores are more important for your future finances, as lenders are looking more towards different technicals to assess credibility and affordability of their customers. Traditional methods of credit scores, will not be the main deciding factor in the future.


Personality Traits

Our reactions to posts, what we follow, what we like and what we comment on all says something about us, just as much as saying nothing. Most would not be aware of how a comment on Facebook or following a particular Influencer on Instagram is shown on your social personality traits. These personality traits can show how you are perceived by your friends and followers, but also how employers may see you as well if they can see your social media pages.

Having access to this information gives you an insight to how others will see you and how this may impact you in the future. If you work in Advertising and have a low openness trait, this may indicate why you have been turned down for promotions and by new employers.



The information about us, how we live our lives, our finances and who are friends are, is easily accessible if you know where to look. This is not just your name and address but your likes, dislikes, what you do at weekends, when you get paid, how you spend your money, who your employer is; in additional to information held on your credit file about your finances.

Before you realise it, your life is caught in a knot and you are unable to untangle the mess you are in. That is why we have created Notty, the original and unique service that brings everything to one place, so you can untangle your life.


Our Mission

We want to help those who use the internet to understand that information about them online is being used to make decisions about them. Companies are now getting more sophisticated in how they recruit people, lend, market, contact and use information you put on your social media to make assumptions about you. Not being careful about your online security and privacy, or what you put online, can have implications not just now but in years to come.

So how do you know, how do you find out, what do you have to do, who can help? These are just some of the questions we had with no accessible solution, which is why we give you Notty.



Everything you need in one place to unravel the Nott of your online-self - social media, scams, data theft, internet search, device protection and your finances.

Access your online-self in a way that you can understand; what the information says about you, to keep you aware. The tools provide a variety of information, your spending habits, who is your main commentator, how much you swear, when you are active online, by taking all the information across Twitter, Facebook Instagram and Linkedin.

Alerts on your personal information being for sale on the Dark Web by using our FraudWeb tool and with your Notty Account, exclusive discounts for online protection whilst searching the internet and on your device with McAfee.


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