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Maxx is a UK-based performance marketing network with high converting exclusive offers within the US and UK marketplace covering a variety of verticals.



We own several exclusive high converting offers, giving us the opportunity to offer higher and more flexible payment options.


Our proprietary software is extremely easy to use and allows users to track and analyze their traffic making it easy to optimize campaigns.


Our in-house system allows publishers and advertisers to track and analyze their campaign results in real time.


Our experienced account managers vet every publisher and ensures all proper documentation is completed before allowing them to join the network.


Fraudulent traffic won’t slip through the cracks using our proprietary fraud detection software that can identify fraudulent sources and fake leads.


Our default pay-out terms are NET-30, however we do offer weekly pay-outs to our top performing and trusted publishers.


Each account is assigned a manager in order to ensure outstanding one-on-one customer service. Our team is always here when you need us.


We allow advertisers to add their offer onto our platform completely free of charge, there are absolutely no set-up fees required.


Our exclusive high-converting offers, unique proprietary tracking software and dedicated account managers allows Publishers to monetise their traffic with industry top pay-outs. We work with publishers from all over the world with a variety of experience to ensure that regardless if they are new to the industry or well established they get the same support and guidance.



We strive to connect our Advertisers campaigns to a wide audience in order to boost the brand’s reach in the marketplace. At the same time also ensuring to take the time to individually interview and vet each of our publishers in order to guarantee that we deliver the highest quality traffic and eliminate fraudulent activity to our advertiser’s campaigns.

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The Maxx system has in-depth reporting, giving access to information needed to help grow your campaigns. Each part of the system has been developed to provide optimum visibility and useability.

Each click can be tracked, right down to the different tracking splits you have used For a number of campaigns we can set up postbacks for each point of sale, for CPA, CPL or CPF, allowing you to automate your processes based on the performance of each campaign.

Sign-up process

Signing up to the Maxx system is straightforward for both Publishers and Advertisers. First step is to complete your information, along with some basic due diligence questions, followed by our docu-sign agreement. From here one of our Account Managers will contact you to set live your account and give you any help you need to use the Maxx system.

Your Account Manager will always be there to help in finding the best offers / affiliates to connect you to, as well as any Maxx functionality that will help you.

Due Diligence

We don’t believe in putting up restrictions to stop you earning, however we do ask that you are compliant within the regulatory framework of the vertical you are promoting or channel you are using.

Our Due Diligence questions are designed to understand any requirements needed for your industry, so we can best match offers to Affiliates.

There are only three minimum due diligence requirements:

  • You have a Cyber Security Policy and a Privacy Policy
  • We will not tolerate any form of fraud and will ban anyone from our Affiliate Network found to be fraudulent
  • Your identity may need to be confirmed if you are an individual not an organisation for the prevention of Money laundering

For Advertisers we will also require a credit application to be made, which will require a minimum of two references or alternatively a deposit.

Our Advertisers

Maxx system does not have any restrictions on what verticals we work with or which country for the offers, so long as payments are made in USD or GBP. We will however require a returnable deposit for Advertisers located outside of the UK and the USA.

Each Advertiser will have their own dedicated Account Manager who will help direct you on the best types of performing marketing and channels for your offer. There will also be opportunities to be promoted in our regular newsletter to our Publishers, giving you the opportunity to promote your offer.

Our Publishers

Maximise conversion with our clear campaign tracking, post backs on a paid action and wide variety of offers to choose from. Choose from having direct links in your blogs for our campaigns; responsive emails that can be downloaded or multi-sized banners to place on your site.

During the sign-up process to Maxx you will be allocated your Account Manager and will find their details when you login to the Maxx platform. They discuss some of our best performing offers for your industry and what other areas may be of interest. You will regularly receive a copy of our newsletter giving you information about new offers on the Maxx platform, with hints and tips on improving your campaign performance with our blogs.

Why choose Us

Our proprietary tracking and analysing software paired with our exclusive high converting campaigns allows us to offer higher and quicker pay-outs and have full control over fraudulent leads.

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Our Mission

At Maxed up Media, we strive to work closely alongside all of our publishers and advertisers, whether they are fresh to the industry or well versed in order to monetize and optimize their business.

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What you get

Dedicated one-on-one service from one of our experienced account managers, guaranteeing you receive the highest standard of support and guidance in order to optimize your campaigns and traffic.

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